Hip Hop Hoop Dance is, at its heart, about education. We will bring our love of dance and culture into your schools, workplaces, organizations and homes through classes, workshops and presentations. Classes are tailored to your interests and needs and take place in a judgement-free environment where you can feel safe and free to express yourself creatively. Expect to learn terminology and cultural information alongside movement and choreography. We’re happy to come to you in person or online.

Check out our D-I-Y Hoop Making and Hoop Dancing instructional video at for an example of what you can expect – or just contact us for more information!


First Nations Dance and Music 

Hoop Dance – Learn the five basic teachings, five basic stages and relevant information about Indigenous culture. Dancing to live accompaniment or pre-recorded tracks, Hoop Dance combines fascinating moves and tricks with freestyle or technical dancing and connects you with elements found in nature.

Grass Dance – Focusing on sweeping motions and symmetry, this class introduces you to being rhythmic, balanced, agile and in tune with your regalia.

Chicken Dance – Learn one of the oldest pow wow dance forms that is said to have come from “the prairie chicken’s springtime mating dance.”

Fancy Dance – Get involved in one of the many popular contemporary pow wow dances. This class shows you how to incorporate athletics, tricks, rhythmic precision and regalia in creating incredible flows of motion. 

Beginner West African Dance and Music

Gahu and Kpanlogo Dances – With live and/or pre-recorded drumming, this class will teach you the fundamentals of traditional West African dances with emphasis on an understanding of the accompanying drum rhythms.


Contemporary Dance and Music

Ballet – Get technical, codefic and formulaic as you move through classical ballet terms, movements, steps and patterns. Dance at the barre, across the floor and through choreographed routines.

Hip Hop Dance – Using age-appropriate hip-hop music and movements, learn the basics of “old school” and “new school” styles of dance. Feel free to freestyle, move to percussive and rhythmic sounds, isolate body parts and get a good sweat.

Jazz Dance – This class develops strength, flexibility, endurance and movement techniques. Moving along a linear progression, you will explore isolations, turns, kicks and leaps. Get ready to learn the latest steps used in so many forms of dance. 

Choreography, Staging and Blocking – Wanna create your own choreography, stage scenes and/or set movements? Why not try our collaborative workshop on generating dance for all ages? 

Theatre Games – Inspired by the works of Viola Spolin, this class provides teachers and/or students with tools to creatively explore curriculum through improvisation. The exercises will engage you in exploring ideas through inquiry-based learning, building positive relationships and encouraging you to take risks while exploring uncharted territories.