About Us

World champion hoop dancer Terrance Littletent collaborates with interdisciplinary artist Chancz Perry to produce a cross-cultural fusion of First Nations hoop dance and North American hip hop. These engaging performers share a historical, cultural, educational and inspirational view of the two dance genres. 

The critically acclaimed performance revolves around an Afro-Caribbean-Canadian hip hop artist, Chancz, and a hoop dancer of Cree ancestry, Terrance. They stumble across each other in an urban park in Saskatchewan. Soon they are sharing their dance forms and musical influences, learning about each other’s cultures and customs and finding a common language through dialogue and movement. They realize that a Native “Indian” of Canada and a West “Indian” of the Caribbean have similar stories and beliefs that can be illustrated by fusing traditional and contemporary art forms. Together, they create a melange of pow wow and hip hop: Hip Hop Hoop Dance.